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Portable Web is a monthly book review book distributed to 250,000 enthusiastic readers via subscribing bookstores and public libraries. Launched in 2010 and situated in the US, Portable Web functions as a broad-based choice guide to the best new novels published each month. Each of the content in the print edition is submitted on ThePortablePhoto.com monthly.

There’s a story out there for everybody. Even if we meet we’re connected by the tales we tell. We could share worlds, think in figures, and fantasy about tales that just exist within our own minds. The Portable Web offers unbiased, informative, and engaging book reviews which assist writers and readers create that link.

The Portable Web is a group of professional editors, authors, and professors with a passion for the written word. We examine fiction and non-fiction publications in several distinct genres, in addition to conduct writer interviews, and comprehend gifted writers with our Portable Web Award. We’re blessed to work with a lot of creative writers. Thanks for visiting our site.

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Our Mission
We intend to connect every book buff with their next read. Portable Web addresses all sorts of publications –from literary fiction, biography, and history to favorite genres such as mystery and romance –our book reviews, author interviews, and exclusive features are accessible and informative.

Our Editorial Policy
Portable Web is a choice guide for new novels. Our editors evaluate and choose for inspection the very best books in many different classes. Portable Web is editorially independent; just books we highly recommend are showcased. Any publisher-sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.