Grounding Yourself to the Earth

Once grounded, our comprehension is within our body and our body is frozen into an awareness of the planet, our larger home. As children of the planet, being grounded is our birthright and implies that we’re completely present at the now and completely available to take part in the adventure of life at each moment. Therefore, grounding is among the main contributing factors to success and joy in this life. If our consciousness isn’t here, how well can our lifestyle be running?

The action of grounding literally joins us to the huge intelligence of the planet, a living organism of infinite organizing power. Due to that, we’re naturally more relaxed and trusting and will preserve a sense of security regardless of where we are at home, on the road, in a plane, on a sea liner, or in a foreign territory. Due to the powerful body link that grounding ensures our health can enhance as we create a relationship of respect to our entire body, taking good care of it instead of taking it for granted. Our capacity to delight in the sensual delights of life is improved, also – enjoying the spring jasmine, sampling a luscious peach, appreciating physical affection. Our general awareness of what’s happening around us is enlarged. We detect the skies. We associate with the individual. We believe that the music. We participate in the job. Having a larger link to life’s natural stream, the reduced effort is necessary to make things happen and we achieve more in less time. Our instinctive awareness expands, providing us the chance to get into the internal knowledge of our natural advice system or what’s often known as our”higher self”.

Is it not often true that although our body is current, our consciousness might not be? How frequently are we out there facing ourselves fretting about what has not happened yet or supported ourselves wishing we can alter something which happened yesterday or twenty-five decades back? Any variety of things from the mundane to the monumental can make us shed our existence and grounding daily, throughout our lifetimes. It might be anything from an earthquake, into some rude driver turning off you to the freeway, into some rip-roarin’ Saturday night celebration, to some job loss, to passing, to some business deal gone south, to alcohol and drugs, to psychological trauma and forth. Whatever it’s that produces the dis-connect, it is always potential re-anchor and delivers our consciousness back in the stage of power – today – to make our own lives in the current.

If we do not understand we are ungrounded in the first place, how can we figure out it? To varying degrees, these are a few tell-tale indications. There is a sense of overall spacey-ness. We believe scattered. We overlook things. We lose things. We’re more fearful and do not feel secure. We are more accident-prone. We get ill more frequently. We prevent issues and do not do it. We get sad. We are tired. We give up readily. It is necessary to be aware that with no grounding, we’re probably working unconsciously from programmed, conditioned behaviors. You have heard the old expression before: the lights are on but nobody’s home. If our understanding is someplace else and we are working on autopilot, we can not possibly be getting the very best outcomes in our own lives.

Therefore, how can we arrive? Even better, how can we stay there? Among the most fundamental strategies to keep grounding is by way of regular physical exercise. So long as it is something we like, the enjoyment will double our advantage and also keep us coming back for more, while it’s walking, jogging, surfing, yoga, exercising in the fitness center, Tai Chi, Karate, belly dancing or tree climbing! Exercise also increases serotonin and endorphin levels. These are feel-good chemicals that automatically provide you a physical, psychological, and psychological lift, which can be a direct reward that radically increases the urge to be within the body.

Communion with nature is just another direct approach to produce grounding. For the most part, we occupy concrete cityscapes and sprawling suburban developments. We’ve lost our connection to the Earth and forgotten the Earth is our principal residence. In early times, the Earth herself was worshiped as the Creator/Deity, the Goddess/Mother, giver of life, and everything. That initial reverence has been eclipsed by contemporary person’s desire to restrain instead of collaborating with Nature, leading to the deterioration of the ground environment. Not to seem simplistic but I feel the simple act of knowingly grounding into the Earth serves a significant twofold purpose: to provide us a natural sense of security in this universe; secondly, to cure the earth. If we join with the Earth, then we’re imagining her in a loving manner, which, in itself, becomes a mutual action of recovery involving us. Whether your link is a visit to the beach, a stroll in the forests, lounging in your garden, or communing with all the window flowers in-town apartment, the ground connection is essential for you personally and for Earth.