Hidden-Spam-LinksBroken Links

Not just the users, but Google and other search engines hate broken links. Broken links will chase your visitors away and hurt your search engine optimization rankings. When you losing your search engine optimization rankings you losing your clients!

poor-qualityPoor Quality Links

Sites that link to poor sites show the traffic and search engines they don’t care what they say or recommend. Sometimes hackers use your site to set the links to their inferior quality resources.

Hidden-Spam-LinkHidden Spam Links

Usually, spammers search for compromised web sites and utilize several exploits to insert their concealed spam links to reputable web pages to get better SEO rankings for their websites. Our spider can enable you to detect and eliminate spam links.

DoorWay-PagesIMG, iFrame & Encrypted Links

Our smart spider finds all kinds of hidden links which may damage your site and customers. Whether its img, iframe or concealed encrypted links our scanner can allow you to detect and eliminate them.



If your site got hacked – do not wait till it gets blacklisted. You can lose your clients and search engine rankings. There’s absolutely not any time to wait, you need to act quickly!



The issue with so many site security firms is that you never have to speak with a real person. In The Portable Photo, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



Your safety is our objective. We work hard 24/7 to protect your business and your clients. At The Portable Photo, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Usually, hackers create their hidden links invisible to visitors and administrators but visible to search engine spiders. Our outbound link sensor acts as a search engine spider and finds all probable links on your site. It’s very important to control external links from the site otherwise you may lose your search engine optimization rankings and get banned by search engines.

Here’s the list of links that our scanner can detect:

    • SPAM Links. Hackers and spammers can use your site to put countless hyperlinks to their poor quality sites. That way they get better rank and rankings in search engines but your site is getting punished for low-quality links.
    • Broken Links. Not only users hate broken links, Google and other search engines see the broken links on your site and a single broken link may affect your search engine positions. This is the reason you must take it seriously.
    • Hidden iFrame Links. If a spammer has access to your site they generally set a hidden iFrame link to their own resources. That way they could use your site to receive their websites in addition to Google. When Google detects such kinds of links on your site you getting banned because Google thinks your site is poor quality.
    • IMG Links. A great deal of web design companies and web developers insert graphics in site templates with the URL to their website. There’s not anything wrong with it but we’d recommend you remove those links for SEO purposes.
    • Encrypted Links. Did you download a complimentary template or set up a plugin from a third party site? You should definitely scan your site for poor quality links. Sometimes hackers use free plugins and templates to insert their encoded links that just visible for search engines.

Our Smart Link Scanner can be used to locate other kinds of possibly harmful content such as iframes, malicious hyperlinks, bad quality links, spam, and redirects. It will enable you to maintain your site safe and clean for your customers and clients.