SecretLab Titan XL

SecretLab makes a number of our favorite gaming seats, largely because of their exceptional build quality and relaxation. Even though the Editors’ Choice SecretLab Titan supports up users to 290 lbs, it does not quite cover the complete possible period of gamer assembles. That is where the SecretLab Titan XL comes in. This $479.99 seat is designed for larger customers, supporting 100 lbs over the standard Titan. It is otherwise indistinguishable, and likewise excellent.

For Enormous Gamers
The SecretLab Omega accommodates consumers involving 5’3″ and 5’11” and around 240 lbs. The Titan can manage users involving 5’9″ and 6’7″ and up to 290 lbs. The Titan XL has undoubtedly the best capacity, encouraging users involving 5’11” and 6’10” and up to 390 lbs. It is near the AKRacing Pros Series Max’s capability of 400 Pounds.

This translates into a chair that is 19.9 inches deep and 22.6 inches broad, using a 33.5-inch-long backrest. It is a huge seat, so large my 5’11”, 240-pound frame practically swims inside. It is not uncomfortable, nevertheless; the seat feels equal as inviting and agreeable to sit as the routine Titan, only with a whole lot more wiggle room. If you do not have a generous construct, however, you are better off purchasing a more compact version.

Though the normal Titan comes in an assortment of colors for its synthetic leather and cloth upholstery including accredited DC, Game of Thrones, and Overwatch models (plus a genuine Nappa leather variant for double as much), the Titan XL is a little more restricted in design. You can find the seat in SecretLab’s Prime 2.0 PU Leather with your selection of a carbon fiber-patterned Stealth complete or suede, or in SoftWeave cloth using a blue-and-black or light-gray-and-black design for $20 more. (We chose a closer look in SoftWeave when we analyzed the SecretLab Omega gaming seat this past year.)

Concerning materials and craftwork, the Titan XL is equal to the standard Titan. This is a great thing since the Titan stands out as our favorite gaming seat as a result of its texture and build quality.

Prime 2.0 PU Leather is your faux leather material utilized by SecretLab in its own seats, and it feels and wears much better than the faux leather of additional gambling seats we have analyzed. It is a supple, thick cloth that holds up well to abrasion, and based on SecretLab is four times more durable than normal polyurethane leather.

The chair is filled nearly completely with SecretLab’s compact cold-cured foam fabric, a cushioning which matches the headrest, sides, and seat of this seat. The rear of the seat is hollow, however, that gives room to get dial-adjusted lumbar support which may produce the region which cradles the small of your back warmer or warmer depending on your own tastes.

Among the largest characteristics that distinguish gaming seats from office seats is your ability to recline. By pulling a lever on the ideal side of this seat, it is possible to lean back 85 to 165 degrees. It is a cozy way to play games if you’re planning to devote an elongated time period before the TV instead of stooped over a desk. Of course, that the Titan XL also comes with a strong aluminum base and five castors which permit you to wheel the seat anywhere.

Wear and Tear
We have experienced the routine Titan in our test laboratory for half of a year, and also the preceding version of the Titan about for a year more than that. They have both held up nicely at that moment, revealing no scrapes or abrasions from the leather, without a loose stitch. The wear I noticed from the first Titan was a very slight peeling of the leather in the edge of the chair, where two panels taper off into some point beneath the thighs. It is possibly five square millimeters of wear across the whole seat, and that is for SecretLab’s first Prime PU Leather, perhaps not the newer material with this type of seat. This durability is among the principal reasons we have been consistently impressed by SecretLab’s gaming seats.

Extra Large
The SecretLab Titan remains our favorite gaming seat for its comfy feel and exceptional build quality. This does not signify that the Titan XL is always the ideal seat for you, though. It is simply a larger version of this Titan for $80 more. In case you have an especially large framework, this is the perfect gaming seat. If you weigh over 290 lbs and endure less than 6’7″, but the regular Titan remains your very best choice.